Feature Films

Restless – Danny Elfman
Real Steel – Danny Elfman
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Thomas Newman
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel II – Thomas Newman
The Help – Thomas Newman
The Adjustment Bureau – Thomas Newman
The Other Guys – Jon Brion
Little Fockers – Steven Trask
Despicable Me – Heitor Pereira
Alice in Wonderland – Danny Elfman
The Vampire’s Assistant – Stephen Trask
Wall-E – Thomas Newman
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry – Rupert Gregson-Williams
American Gangster – Marc Streitenfeld
40-Year-Old Virgin – Lyle Workman
Finding Nemo – Thomas Newman
The Wolfman – Danny Elfman
The Debt – Thomas Newman
Role Models – Craig Wedren
He’s Just Not That Into You – Cliff Eidelman
Baby Mama – Jeff Richmond
Revolutionary Road – Thomas Newman
Wanted – Danny Elfman
Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Lyle Workman
Synecdoche, New York – Jon Brion
Traveling – Christopher Young
Meet the Robinsons – Danny Elfman
The Bourne Identity – John Powell
Miss Congeniality – Randy Edelman
Terminator III – Marco Beltrami
Spaceship Earth – Bruce Broughton
Standard Operating Procedure – Danny Elfman
Underdog – Randy Edelman
The Kingdom – Danny Elfman
The Good German – Thomas Newman
Little Children – Thomas Newman
Nacho Libre – Danny Elfman
The Breakup – Jon Brion
Miami Vice – John Murphy
Charlotte’s Web – Danny Elfman
American Dreamz – Stephen Trask
The 10 Commandments – Randy Edelman
Deep Sea 3-D – Danny Elfman
Inside Man – Terrence Blanchard
Bambi & the Great Prince of the Forest – Bruce Broughton
Back to the Future I, II, III – Alan Silvestri
Jarhead – Thomas Newman
Cinderella Man – Thomas Newman
Mask 2 – Randy Edelman
Lemony Snicket – Thomas Newman
Synergy (In Good Company) – Stephen Trask
Friday Night Lights – David Torn
The Cookout – Camara Kambon
The Bourne Supremacy – John Powell
Dawn of the Dead – Tyler Bates
The Three Musketeers – Bruce Broughton
Connie and Carla – Randy Edelman
Along Came Polly – Teddy Shapiro
Honey – Mervin Warren
Surviving Christmas – Randy Edelman
Eloise at Christmastime – Bruce Broughton
Gigli – John Powell
The Hulk – Danny Elfman
Eloise at the Plaza – Bruce Broughton
Lizzy McGuire – Cliff Eidelman
Biker – Camara Kambon
Agent Cody Banks – John Powell
Shanghai Nights – Randy Edelman
Red Dragon – Danny Elfman
Drum Line – John Powell
White Oleander – Thomas Newman
XXX – Randy Edelman
Blue Crush – Paul Haslinger
Spiderman I & II – Danny Elfman
Undercover Brother – Stanley Clarke
Men in Black I & II, III – Danny Elfman
Blade II – Marco Beltrami
Big Fat Liar – Christoph Beck
Dina – Marco Beltrami
National Security – Randy Edelman
Road to Perdition – Thomas Newman
Virginia’s Run – Nicholas Pike
First 20 Million – Marco Beltrami
I Am Sam – Thomas Newman
Scary Movie I, II – Marco Beltrami
Planet of the Apes – Danny Elfman
Evolution – John Powell
Corky Romano – Randy Edelman
China Panda Adventures – Randy Edelman
Angel Eyes – Marco Beltrami
In the Bedroom – Thomas Newman
Altar Boys – Marco Beltrami
Salton Sea – Thomas Newman
Dracula 2000 – Marco Beltrami
Boston Public – Thomas Newman
Family Man – Danny Elfman
Proof of Life – Danny Elfman
Pay It Forward – Thomas Newman
Rocky and Bullwinkle – Mark Mothersbaugh
Joy Ride – Marco Beltrami
Sandy Bottom Orchestra – David Bell
Erin Brockovitch – Thomas Newman
U-571 – Rick Marvin
Shanghai Noon – Randy Edelman
Chinese Coffee – Elmer Bernstein
Skulls – Randy Edelman
The Whole Nine Yards – Randy Edelman
Sleepy Hollow – Danny Elfman
Tuesdays with Morrie – Marco Beltrami
Magnolia – Jon Brion
American Beauty – Thomas Newman
For Love of the Game – Basil Poledouris
Progression – Peter Wolf
Return to Me – Nicholas Pike
The Green Mile – Thomas Newman
Dudley Do-Right – Steve Dorff
The Hunley – Randy Edelman
Instinct – Danny Elfman
The Faculty – Marco Beltrami
Psycho – Danny Elfman
A Civil Action – Danny Elfman
The Deep End – Elmer Bernstein
How Stella Got Her Groove Back – Michel Colombier
Meet Joe Black – Thomas Newman
Delivered – Nicholas Pike
Lost In Space – Bruce Broughton
Primary Colors II – Randy Edelman
6 Days, 7 Nights – Randy Edelman
The Horse Whisperer – Thomas Newman
Krippendorf’s Tribe – Bruce Broughton
Scream I, II, III – Marco Beltrami
Good Will Hunting – Danny Elfman
Bo Dietl – Bruce Broughton
Red Corner – Thomas Newman
Twins Randy – Edelman
Field of Dreams – James Horner
The Burbs – Jerry Goldsmith
Darkman – Danny Elfman
Mimic – Marco Beltrami
The Touch – Basil Poledouris
Flubber – Danny Elfman
Cape Fear – Elmer Bernstein
Fried Green Tomatoes – Thomas Newman
The Babe – Elmer Bernstein
Psycho II – Jerry Goldsmith
The Burbs – Jerry Goldsmith
Sixteen Candles – Ira Newborn
Brewster’s Millions – Ry Cooder
Fletch Harold – Faltermeyer
The Money Pit – Michel Colombier
Sweet Liberty – Bruce Broughton
Harry & the Hendersons – Bruce Broughton
Batteries Not Included – James Horner
Cross My Heart – Bruce Broughton
Biloxi Blues – Georges Delerue
Moon Over Parador – Maurice Jarré
The Great Outdoors – Thomas Newman
Midnight Run – Danny Elfman
Bird on a Wire – Hans Zimmer
Kindergarten Cop – Randy Edelman
Leaving Normal – Thomas Newman
How to Make an American Quilt – Thomas Newman
Beethoven – Randy Edelman
Beethoven’s Second – Randy Edelman
Scent of a Woman – Thomas Newman
Dragon Heart – Randy Edelman
The River Wild – Maurice Jarré
Uncle Buck – Ira Newborn
Little Women – Thomas Newman
Age of Innocence – Elmer Bernstein
Delivery Man – Jon Brion
Epic – Danny Elfman
Frankenweenie – Danny Elfman
Highwaymen – Thomas Newman
Iron Lady – Thomas Newman
He Named Me Malala – Thomas Newman
Oz the Great and Powerful – Danny Elfman
Mr. Peabody and Sherman – Danny Elfman
Saving Mr. Banks – Thomas Newman
The Judge – Thomas Newman
Get On Up – Thomas Newman
Tolkien – Thomas Newman
Synecdoche, New York – Jon Brion


Murder She Wrote
Knight Rider
Simon and Simon
Magnum P.I.
Quantum Leap
Amazing Stories (1986)
Amazing Stories (2019)
Whiz Kids
Weird Science
Black’s Magic
Charles in Charge
Tales of the Brass Monkey
The New Beaver
Harper Valley PTA
Warm Springs
Angels in America
Point Pleasant MT
Desperate Housewives MT
Boston Legal MT
Castle Rock
The Newsroom


“Starz” logo
Nissan Optima
Lincoln Mercury
Dr. Pepper

Live Performance

Cirque du Soleil – Danny Elfman (Kodak Theatre)
It Got Dark – Thomas Newman (Kronos & LA Phil)
Gypsy – Bette Midler
The Three Tenors
Serenada Schizophrana – Danny Elfman
Hollywood Nights at the Hollywood Bowl
Air – Michel Colombier
Twyla Tharp Dance Co.
Canadian Brass
Brad Mehldau
Tom Petty

Misc. Recordings and Phono

Disney Theme Park
Petula Clarke